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Poo with Pride - och håll rent efter dig!!!

Rekommendationer från Sea to Summit för att hålla rent efter dig:

If no facilities are available, use the Sea To Summit Pocket Trowel to deposit solid human waste in a hole dug 10-15 cm deep and at least 100 metres from water-bodies, camp, tracks, and watercourses.

To promote decomposition, choose a site in organic soil, rather than sandy mineral soil and in the sun rather than the shade. Use the Sea To Summit Pocket Trowel to dig the hole, and gently remove a plug of sod containing roots and soil and carefully put it aside.

After use, and before replacing the plug of sod, use a stick to mix some soil into the faeces to promote decomposition. The microbes found in the organic layer of soil will break down faeces and the pathogens they contain. In some locations the organic layer may be shallow or almost non-existent.

Do your best to seek the most appropriate site. Replace the plug and disguise the hole by lightly tamping down around the edges. Then “naturalise” the site by scattering leaf litter and disguise it well after use. Leave No Trace encourages and supports the development and use of products / gear that assists people to practice appropriate behaviour.

«Tillbaks till Pocket Trowel

«Tillbaks till Pocket Trowel - Reinforced Nylon

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